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Marks Driving School is proud to offer the WELCOME DRIVER  California Driver Education Program to its students. We feel that for those of you whose time, course and work load, transportation problems or simply a preference for a home based Internet study program has caused you to search for the best alternative to classroom Driver Education ... look no further... You've Found It!

Only $75.00
With referral from Marks Driving School, a DSAC Member!

  • Go to the WELCOME DRIVER website www.welcomedriver.com and check out the course information and money back guarantee.
  • Once you're satisfied that this is the course for you, click on Register Now and when asked for the participating driving school's registration code - enter MA4596 to get your instant $25 discount off the already low price of $100.
  • For a list of professional Driving Schools in you area go to DSAC.COM

The Best Internet Drivers Education Course
The WELCOME DRIVER California Driver Education course curriculum has been submitted to the DMV in its entirety and has been approved for use and for resale.
The WELCOME DRIVER Program is the Only Internet course available that has been approved by the Driving School Association of California. This approval was given only after exhaustive review and input from the association membership to insure that students receiving drivers education online are as fully prepared as those taking classroom education.

For more detailed information call us at (530) 644-1309 and we will be happy to answer any questions about our school and how to enroll in our courses.
Thank you for your interest in our programs.

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